Career Journey - ASB Careers

Welcome to your career journey

The world of work continues to change...

There are five stages in the 'career journey' and where you are along the way will determine which stage you focus on. If things change, you to need to reassess.

It is important that before you apply for a particular role, you are aware of where you want to be in the future and how this particular role fits into your overall career goal.

Determine what a 'career' means to you

  • In the past:
  • Multi-layered organisations
  • Stay in one company for life
  • Career progression was predictable
  • High job security
  • Company was responsible for your career
  • Today:
  • Flatter organisations
  • Less vertical opportunities
  • Roles are increasingly complex
  • Lateral careers
  • Security comes from skills, not companies
  • You are responsible for your career
  • A greater focus on learning
  • Tomorrow:
  • ????????